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About US

Welcome to Web3 Toronto and the Home of the Web3TO Community and Workspace!

We believe in the power of Web3, building powerful Web3 Cities, Web3 Communities and a global connection and inspiration for all. We empower people through Web3 - we have a Massive focus on entrepreneurs and artists.

We incubate and support startups, we consult with and support the development of innovative and groundbreaking Web3 projects, we educate and inspire the public, we host events and conferences and we're here to make Toronto the leader in Web3 City Building from around the world!

We believe Web3 is not just the next level of innovation of the internet, but the next level of evolution for humanity. Web3 will impact the world just as much if not more than social media has in this past decade. We as a community believe in the change and the good it can bring to the world and doors it can open across communities. As a team our mission is to make an impact in the Web3 space and establishing Toronto and Canada as the technological and cultural hub for the next frontier of the internet.

Welcome to Web3, Welcome to Web3 Toronto!

Our Objective

  • 1. To build Toronto Web3 Ecosystem and Toronto a leader in Web3 across the world. We have a vibrant community of NFT and Web3 enthusiasts in Toronto that continue to keep the community engaged with industry leading events, conferences, art events, investor events, founder and builder events and socials. The time is now in this fast paced ever evolving industry, the technologies we are creating today will affect every person from all walks of life. Our goal is to have a community that will come to our event with curiosity, connection, co-creation and with the mindset of driving change.
  • 2. To build Web3 entrepreneurs and create a new way of life and living with Web3 that empowers communities of people and individuals in living their best lives. We have an integrated workspace for the community to grow organically - the community has workspace, we have investment that supports startups and resources that help Web3 Entrepreneurs thrive.
  • 3. The Annual Mega Web3TO Conference - this will be an epic conference with immersive integration into the metaverse with VR. Explore the city and enjoy the music, art, gaming and entertainment.
  • 4. We have an agency, developers and support for the public and businesses to onboard into web3.
  • 5. We educate people in Web3 in Toronto, Canada and globally.
  • 6. We support the development and growth of leading edge and innovative businesses in Web3 that change the world, from here - then we move elsewhere!

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